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tomwbrowndesign@gmail.com  //  Greater Manchester

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More about me.


Favourite song      Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Favourite album    Lost in the Dream - The War on Drugs

Favourite book      Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Favourite film       Shawshank Redemption

Favourite drink     Jack Daniels and coke

Favourite brand    Patagonia

About my process

Thank you coming to this page to find out a bit more about my design process!


My process varies depending on whether I am designing products/furniture or creating one of my mandala drawings. 

My mandala drawings always start out with some outside inspiration, be this a mountain range, architectural landmark or something similar. From there I mark out my base layers and just draw! Depending on the size of the piece I template some shapes out in pencil first but other times I just go straight in with the pens. I always start from the centre and work my way out until the piece is near completion. Some final edits will be added before the piece is ready to be framed and packed up!

Starting with a set brief is important for me when in comes to product and furniture design, as I have never been one to just come up with and invent the new Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Having a brief allows me to focus and pick out key elements to develop the design on. Typically I start out with some background research, then move into the sketching and rendering stage before producing final CAD models and technical drawings. I have even manufactured parts of the designs myself, or send them out to specialist  skilled manufactures including wood turners and welders. It may seem like a relatively simple and similar process to what you get taught to do at school, but for me this is how I get my best design result and most enjoyment.


Working with wood is my favourite material as the possibilities are endless. I love how each piece of wood and different tree species has it's own personal grain, shape and colour. I think it is such a beautiful material to design with compared to man made materials. Each final manufactured piece has a slightly different identity even in a mass produced run, which adds a unique element that must be a good thing for the final user! The reception I have got for some of my pieces is great and so nice to hear the kind messages!

Artwork information:

All my art is produced on high quality acid free paper and acid free mounts to preserve the drawings for as long as possible and prevent fading over time.