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I'm a contemporary designer based in Greater Manchester. Having graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in BA Product Design I have continued to progress my design career. 

My inspiration comes primarily from nature in a variety of forms; including landscapes, patterns in plants and Scandinavian timber design. I find it important to break the boundaries between graphic and product design, by integrating both into my designs I get the best possible results.

Be it abstract oil paintings or intricate mandala drawings they all have the same design process. Having a set brief of inspiration I work from here and develop and sketch out ideas before colour an shape testing before coming to my final design.

My project the 'MCR Range' a set of products to enhance the vinyl listening experience was displayed at the 2017 New Designers exhibition in London.

Keep up to date with my latest projects and news on Instagram and my latest releases on Etsy. Say hello or message for commissions at

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